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Cure programs
  3 Months’ Program Complete
100 ml Black walnut hull tincture extra strength, 150 caps. wormwood, 165 clove capsules, 60 caps. L-Ornithine, 100 caps. L-Arginine. set 103,53
  6 Weeks’ Program Complete 50 ml Black walnut hull tincture extra strength, 100 caps. wormwood, 120 clove capsules, 60 caps. L-Ornithine, 100 caps. L-Arginine. set 80,69
  6 Weeks’ Program Without L-Ornithine and L-Arginine. set 47,56
  Kidney Cleanse 3 Weeks Vit. B6 (21), vegetable glycerine (200 ml), goldenrod tincture (30 ml), magnesium 300 mg (21), kidney herbs, Uva ursi (63 caps.), ginger (63 caps.), instructions. set 77,45
  Liver Cleanse 60 Capsules L-Ornithine, 85 g Epsom salts, instructions. set 29,69
  Bowel Program Complete 20 Caps. vegetarian enzyme, 60 caps. turmeric, 25 g fennel powder, 50 ml black walnut hull tincture, instructions. set 57,34
Vitamins, amino acids, supplements
  AcidoBifidus supplement Vcaps 45 caps. 17,70
Aloe Vera Juice, BIO Aloe Vera Juice 750 ml 18,66
  Amino Complex Forte, new formula 19 Amino acids 100 tabl. 27,54
  Beta-carotene 15 mg Natural 50 caps. 13,55
  Betain HCL / Pepsin 650 mg Vcaps 120 caps. 23,86
  Black Walnut Tincture X-Strength Freshly prepared from the green hulls, 50% alcohol Contains extra vitamin C. 50 ml 20,69
  Black Walnut Tincture X-Strength Freshly prepared from the green hulls, 50% alcohol Contains extra vitamin C. 100 ml 38,98
  Calciumcitrate 450 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 19,41
  Cascara Sagrada 50 mg Vcaps 90 caps. 18,60
  Cat's Claw 500 mg Vcaps 90 caps. 20,14
  Chromium 200 mcg Vcaps 100 caps. 18,76
  Cloves 500 mg not in Vcaps 120 caps. 17,35
  Cloves 500 mg not in Vcaps 165 caps. 21,85
  Colloidal Silver > 30 p.p.m.   50 ml 19,82
  Colloidal Silver > 30 p.p.m.   500 ml 132,11
Colosan Capsules Colon Hygiene 120 caps. 30,99
  Epsom salts   85 g 11,29
  Fennel seeds, ground, BIO EKO-quality! 50 g 3,90
  Folic acid 1 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 13,53
  Ginger (Sunthi) 500 mg Vcaps 63 caps. 9,35
  Glycerine, vegetable Prepared from coconut, suitable for internal use 200 ml 12,91
  Hydrangea root Cut 25 g 7,29
Kardiamos Tincture   50 ml 41,45
  L-Arginine 500 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 18,40
  L-Glutathion 500 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 95,60
  L-Cysteine 500 mg Vcaps 125 caps. 36,94
  L-Cysteine powder   100 g 19,71
  L-Histidine   50 g 18,67
  L-Methionine 500 mg Vcaps 66 caps. 18,00
  L-Ornithine 500 mg Vcaps 60 caps. 18,40
  Liver herbs tea Clark   125 g 11,47
  Magnesium Complex 500 mg Vcaps 60 tabl. 15,16
  MSM 750 mg Vcaps 60 caps. 17,66
  MultiVitamine Clark   50 tabl. 18,63
  Selenium (sodium selenite) 500 mcg Vcaps 45 caps. 7,68
  Papaine 500 mg Vcaps 50 caps. 12,70
  Rascal 450 mg   100 caps. 17,19
  Solidago / Goldenrod tincture   30 ml 13,34
  Taurine 500 mg Vcaps 50 caps. 11,43
  Turmeric (Haldi) 500 mg Vcaps 60 caps. 15,90
  Uva Ursi / Bearberry 400 mg Vcaps 63 caps. 11,74
  Vegetarian capsules (00), empty Fill your own capsules! 100 caps. 7,90
  Vegetarian capsules (00), empty Quantity discount! 1000 caps. 44,28
  Vit. A Drops 50 ml 18,83
  Vit. B Complex '50' Vcaps 60 caps. 24,19
  Vit. B1 Thiamine 500 mg Vcaps 90 caps. 19,45
  Vit. B2 Riboflavine 300 mg Vcaps 95 caps. 26,69
  Vit. B3 Nicotinamide 500 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 17,71
  Vit. B5 Pantothenic acid 500 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 18,63
  Vit. B6 Pyridoxine 125 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 17,42
  Vit. B9 Folic acid 1 mg Vcaps 100 caps. 13,53
  Vit. B12 Cobolamine 1,000 mcg   90 tabl. 16,51
  Vit. C. Ascorbic acid powder   250 g 19,82
  Vit. C. Calciumascorbate Acid free 250 g 25,90
  Vit. D3 Cholecalciferol Drops 100 ml 14,39
  Vit. E, d-a-Tocopherol 400 I.E. Vcaps 100 caps. 32,32
  Wild Yam-extract 150 mg Vcaps 50 caps. 19,41
  WomenPower Specially designed for women in menopause and the days just before menstruation. It can also very well be used as a daily supplement after menopause. A natural powder drink with a pleasant taste. A portion Female Power provides all the vitamins in the recommended daily dose, but also valuable minerals such as zinc, manganese and selenium. Economical to use: Take 1 teaspoon daily in ½ glass of water. 333 g 60,89
  Wormwood / Indhana 250 mg  Vcaps 100 caps. 17,35
  Wormwood / Indhana 250 mg Vcaps 150 caps. 22,25
  Zink 60 mg Vcaps 60 caps. 13,55
Clark bio-electronics

Wrist straps for all Zappers

Lightweight, max. conductivity and freedom of movement. One size fits all.  


Visual power
Ortici™ Training Glasses For improved natural eyesight without glasses or contact lenses. Helps your eyes to focus on their own and improves their flexibilty. Wear them for 15 minutes a day.   65,39
ADR-5 Protect Mobile Made from a flexible magnetic foil with ceramic substances and metal oxides. An effective way to protect yourself from the electromagnetic fields of mobile telephones. Can be easily attached to all models.   22,73
Product Highlight - Make your own capsules
NEW: The Capsule Machine A quick and easy way to capsulize bulk powdered herbs. A great way to save money and avoid unwanted additives.
The semi-automatic device takes only two minutes to load, fill and produce batches of twenty-four "00" capsules. Dual-spring action: ejects the filled capsules automatically.
Dishwasher safe. Made of strong ABS and Delrin plastic.
Compact: 10 x 6 x 5 cm. Convenient, reliable, fast, safe, clean and economical. Incl. tamping tool for maximum capsule filling.
set 34,51
  Special offer!
The Capsule Machine Set
Incl. 1000 empty vegetarian capsules 00 set

34,51 + 44,28 - 10%

NEW in Program        
NEW: The Tongue Cleaner This tongue cleaner is a valuable addition to your oral hygiene. Very effective and good value for money!
- For fresh breath
- Improves oral hygiene
- Improves taste
- Quick and easy to use
each 7,97
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